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Lactate Threshold Testing

Lactate Threshold Testing



An advanced system to measure increase in blood lactic acid levels that cause a decrease in your ability to continue a sustained maximal effort. The results from the test will allow our athletes to train smarter, and it eliminates the guess work. Training with accurate zones that are specific to your body will allow you to eliminate wasted training time, and allow you to be exact when spending time in a particular zone, which will lead to optimal performance.


An endurance athlete from the beginner to an elite that wants to maximize their training efforts and performance, and that wants to eliminate the guess work when training with power or heart rate monitor. Lactate threshold testing will allow any athlete to have reliable data for the necessary training and racing guidelines for optimal performance. Athletes that would benefit from this testing: DISTANCE RUNNERS, TRIATHLETES, ROAD, MOUNTAIN BIKE, OR CYCLOCROSS CYCLISTS, AND SWIMMERS.


Depending on your discipline, our trained staff will perform the test during a calculated and exact effort while running, cycling, or swimming.

A small blood sample will be taken (from a finger prick) at set intervals to determine the lactate levels in your blood. Our testing equipment will show immediate results.

Heart rate data will be recorded for runners and swimmers at the different intervals. All cyclists will have power and HR data recorded at each interval.

Once the test is complete, you will receive your training zones within 24 hours.

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Training Plans

Training Plans

Our Standard Training Plans (STP) are great for the person that needs to get results on a budget or feel they don’t need a full coached plan. We make our STP plans easy by having them load directly into Training Peaks. We can speak over the phone to get started or meet face to face if you need a full bike consultation as well. Based on your goals, and or race schedule we’ll let you know which plan will be right for you.


    Need a tailored plan to fit a specific schedule, no problem! We will put a plan together for any number of weeks that you need based on your time availability and race schedule.

  • Intermediate CX season preparation – 13 week
  • 14 week Base Building Plan – Intermediate Cyclist
  • 14 week Base Building Plan – Advanced Cyclist
  • 5 week Century Plan – Beginner rider
  • Intermediate CX season preparation – 13 week
  • Cyclocross – Cat 4/5 Training Plan
  • at 5 Road Plan
  • Intermediate Mountain Bike Plan
  • Hammerhead 100 Training Plan


To purchase standard training plans now, click below:

Standard Training Plans – starting at $49



Motor Pacing

Motor Pacing


Integrating motor pacing into your training program offers versatility. You have the option to mix up your training with the scooter depending on your fitness and race goals. Using our scooter, you can work on leg speed, pedal smoothness, tempo, lactate threshold,  VO2 efforts, explosiveness and sprinting. We have an on board computer that will sync with your HR monitor or your power device so that we know exactly the effort your putting out.

Apart from the fitness benefits, this training method also helps you learn key bike handling skills. Even if you’re a well developed sprinter, it will help you sharpen your timing skills, something that cannot be done at slower speeds. Because you need precise timing to catch back onto the scooter, sprint timing training is perfect for motor pacing. Learning how your bike handles at a higher rate of speed will build your skills and confidence while racing. Timing is everything, and the only true way to duplicate race day scenario is motor pacing.

Junior Development Programs

Junior Development Programs

Push Bike for ages 2-5:

This group is for kids ages 2-5 who ride a Strider or Push Bike. Parent participation is required for kids younger than 4. The session asts 4 weeks. If you don’t have a balance bike, we supply them for the class. The purpose of this class is to introduce the basics of bike handling that will develop confidence and build on the passion of cycling. Our coaches will teach your child how to handle the balance bike and also educate you the parent, so you can take the skills and work with them at home.