Putting Your Race Season Together Can Be As Simple As A, B, C.

Putting Your Race Season Together Can Be As Simple As A, B, C.

Road season is already underway in Tampa, Fl. and Race for Humanity was definitely a reality check of how well you trained in the off season and your current form. Places like Asheville, Cincinnati, Portland and Boulder are indoors or finding creative ways to get their training in outside. Hopefully, you’ve already had a chance to layout your road season. If not, no worries, now’s a chance to take these few basic steps that will help you put any successful season together.

First, let’s look at the big picture. What races are you planning on participating in for 2016? If you race more than one discipline, then group them. Now that you have your list together it’s time to be realistic on which races you want to do your best. Unfortunately, you can’t be on your best form at every race if you’re planning on competing in an entire season.

1st: Start with your A races. There should only be a few A races in a season. When you’re on form (aka. peaked), generally it will only last for 6-10 weeks before you begin to lose fitness. These are the races that you want to either win, or put in your best effort and place well.  You will spend less time with duration and be much more race specific for your training.

2nd: Find the B races when you want to get a basic idea of your form, and want to work on strategy. You generally won’t do a huge block of training during the week of a B race, but you’re not going to cut back a lot either. You’re still considering this to be a training race.

3rd: Choose your C races. “C” races help get you in the mindset of racing, keep the training fun, and allow you to see who’s the competition to watch. But, they are just that….training. Add them into your training schedule as if they were just another day out on the bike. You’ll most likely have residual in your legs from a weeks worth of training, but that’s ok.

Hopefully, you’ve already had a chance to lay out your season for 2016, but if not, use these few basic steps and it will help you with the big picture of reaching your goals. If you have any questions, or need a cycling coach to help take the guess work out of your training, then give Cycology Coaching Solutions a call. 727-644-9968.



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