Make Goals………NOT Resolutions!

Make Goals………NOT Resolutions!

By: Zach Fout, USAC Level 2 Cycling Coach, Cycology Coaching Solutions, LLC

Too many resolutions are made each year and generally within in two weeks or so they’re are long forgotten. We all start with the greatest intentions, but year after year we look back and are left wondering. Wondering…why? Why…..did I quit? Why…..didn’t I follow through?

The new year sets in and we have all of sudden been inspired. I’m happy to hear that you’re inspired, but why are you inspired? Because it’s a new year…..sorry folks, that’s not enough. We need to dig deeper if we truly want to achieve bigger things in 2017. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re reaching for the stars in 2016.

  1. Set goals….NOT resolutions. Too many people set very LARGE and broad resolutions. Resolutions don’t last, set goals. Keep them small, and achievable. If we have goals, then we know what direction that we’re heading and we know when we’ve reached our goal. If you have an end of the year goal, GREAT! But, set smaller goals leading up to that point.
  2. When setting your goals, be very specific. Goals need to be measurable. I hear all the time, ” I want to lose weight this year…. or … I’m going to get in shape.” Awesome, glad to hear it. But, how do you know that you’re there, or how do you know if you’re making gains? If you keep your goals small and are able to track them, then you’re are much more likely to stick with the plan.
  3. Slowly lead up to setting the world on fire. What do I mean by this? Well, I’m sorry to say that the routine that you’ve been doing for most of your adult life isn’t going to magically change when you wake up on Monday morning before work. Start slowly implementing small changes each week and build from there. You need to add small bits into your routine a little at a time and then it won’t seem like a huge inconvenience two weeks later. Also, start adding to the routine on Saturday and this will give you a chance to practice it a couple of days before you add work back in the mix.

To wrap it up: Set small goals leading up to your desired end goal. Make sure it’s measurable and specific. Most importantly, don’t set yourself up for failure by setting the world on fire with a new routine on Monday morning.

I wish you all the success in 2017!!

If you have any questions, or need help to take the guess work out of your training, then give Cycology Coaching Solutions a call. 727-644-9968.


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