Indoor trainer workout – 1

Indoor trainer workout – 1

Whether you live in Asheville, NC, Cincinnati, OH, Portland, OR, Boulder, CO, or sunshine Tampa, FL, sometimes you can’t ride outside. But, if you’re like most cyclists, you want to keep your fitness up. Give this workout a try on the trainer and have some fun! This particular workout will help build leg strength.

Warm up: 10 min easy spin, then start building up for the next 3 min to an effort of 5 to 6 (out of 10) and hold for the next 2 min. Then, spin easy for the next 5 min. Then, give me an all out effort for 15 sec and then spin easy for 3 min.

Main workout: (****IF THIS WORKOUT SHOULD HURT YOUR KNEES IN ANY WAY, STOP***)Ride at ENDURANCE or TEMPO pace (depending on your fitness level) and EVERY 5 min. for the next 60 min, do an effort in the 53:13 gear for 20 seconds – slow down to 5-8 mph, and then start the effort. PUSH THIS big gear. Stay seated the entire effort, try to jump HARD into it (staying seated) and try to get it going as fast as you can in 20 seconds. The effort is more about developing leg strength and force and your cadence will low in the beginning, and getting faster with each second, so focus on pushing hard on the pedals and being as smooth as possible. After the big gear effort, return to ENDURANCE OR TEMPO power.

Cool down: 15 min easy spin

Make sure to get in a high carbohydrate drink (chocolate milk is perfect, if you’re not allergic to milk. Check with your nutritionist if you’re not sure) in the first 20 min.

Hope you enjoy the workout!

If you have any questions, or need a cycling coach to help take the guess work out of your training, then give Cycology Coaching Solutions a call. 727-644-9968.

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